How To Import





To begin with take a moment to register for our auction site, once registered you will have full access to multiple vehicles at various auction houses across Japan.
Once you register you will need to activate your account by clicking on the link you receive in your registration email (if this email does not come to your inbox, please check your spam folder). Generally registrations are processed within 24 hours.

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So you have taken the time to register and look through various vehicles and now would like to place a bid on an upcoming auction, in order to place bids on your behalf  we require a bidding deposit of £300 this is refundable if for any reason you decide not to bid or you aren’t successful with your final bid (Don’t worry your deposit still stands and you can still bid on more vehicles). Once the bidding deposit has been received we will assist you in your search through various private sales/dealerships & Auctions to pick out the finest models available, you will be able to view average prices based on year/spec and offer advise on auction grading and what to expect for your budget. We can accept bidding deposits by bank transfer, postal order, credit/debit card or PayPal please reference full name and auction portal username when making payment.

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#3. – BIDDING!

Gorilla Imports will not try to sell you a car. Using our live auction search engine you can browse & find your desired vehicle.  We guide, support, and provide translations, assistance & opinions along the way. All vehicles can be found by lot number, chassis, model etc. plus you can fine tune your search by adjusting the year, mileage & engine size parameters

Click on the lot number for a vehicle of interest and when the car page opens you have more functions at your fingertips such as month of production, catalogue data and statistics sales for average prices and recent sales history.

If you wish to make a bid, type a JPY (Japanese Yen) amount into the white box above “Enter a bid or request information” button and click to submit

We can also translate any auction sheet for our members who have paid a bidding deposit
If you only require more information or a translation of the auction inspection sheet, then select USD and do not enter an amount.  You may add comments or questions in the text box before submitting.

Rest assured Gorilla Imports will only bid within your specified “landed” budget – in short this means we will take your budget and bid within those parameters so that all costs in accordance to importing the said vehicle would be covered, meaning
you won’t have to worry about any creeping charges or fees.


#4. – INITIAL PAYMENT  (75%)

Once your bid is successful with your vehicle at auction we will request a minimum payment of 75% of the total amount within 3 working days. Once payment is received your car is transported from the auction house to the closest shipping port and from there it is prepared for shipping and photographed. the next available vessel will then be booked.



Shipping generally takes 8-10 weeks and you can track the boat from Japan via a link we will supply.
2 weeks prior to your vehicles arriving we will require the final 25% due so that we can ensure your car is passed through customs in good time as to avoid any late clearance charges.




Our customs clearance agent will notify us when your vehicle is ready to pick up. Once notified we will collect your vehicle from the port and bring it back to our workshop where any further requested inspections and services will be performed you will also receive more HD photos of your new car on UK Soil! If you have requested for your vehicle to be registered here in the UK we will then take your car for a UK mot and handle any paperwork involved. Once Registered and Prepared there is just one last little thing to take care of…PICK UP! Come collect your newly imported car or have it delivered!