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Based in Skelton, North Yorkshire, Gorilla Imports has been established through a deep passion for Japanese Domestic Vehicles. Being car enthusiasts ourselves, our aim is to simply supply the United Kingdom with the best quality imports at the best possible price by incorporating a live auction feed that gives you direct access to the many auctions houses and also private auctions throughout Japan.

We can enable you, our customer, valuable information and services when searching for your dream car! Information such as inspection sheets, detailed vehicle photos, and previously sold prices on similar models. This enables you to make an educated bid, making sure you never pay more than you should. Our Auction Services include dealer negotiation, auction sheet translations, and bidding privileges.

Gorilla Imports works hand in hand with various partners and associates in Japan, Priding ourselves on finding you the perfect car be it at auction, dealer or privately owned

Interested? Why not give us a try today to see what we can do for you!


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